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Dubai Auto Zone(DUCAMZ) Onshore Company, Dubai (U.A.E.)


Dubai Aurozone Company SetupSetting up at Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ) allows you to enjoy various incentives including simplicity in establishing your business whether it is a showroom, workshop or a warehouse. Economic Zones World (EZW) manages DUCAMZ which provides quality services.

DUCAMZ was established with the objective of re-exporting cards to the Asian and African region where the demand exists and continues to grow. This zone is situated within Dubai city and covers one million square meters of bonded area. The location has easy access to all airports and seaports in the region. From here, the automobile is reloaded into feeder vessels, or trucks which travel throughout the region on a modern network of highways, linking all the neighboring countries in the Middle East and beyond. EZW is charged with the supervision of DUCAMZ.

Left-hand drive vehicles are exported into the local markets and are subject to the local regulations prevalent whereas right-hand drive vehicles are mainly exported to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other African countries.

Location: Ducamz, Dubai, (U.A.E.)
Permitted activity: Trading in automobile (trading in spare and parts is strictly prohibited)
License available: Trading license
Types of entities: FZE, FZCO, Branch, Subsidiary and JV
Shareholder: Can be individuals or corporate entity
Director: Individuals only
Share capital: AED 100,000/- for FZE, FZCO, whereas AED Nil/- for Branch
Audit: Audit report is not required to be submitted to the free zone authorities
Estimated time: Minimum of 4 - 5 working weeks to obtain final trade license
Key benefits:
  • Ownership, Taxation, Repatriation Advantage.
  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • No personal income tax.
  • No currency restriction
  • Excellent support services from Dubai ports authority and other service institutions such as: shipping, insurance, banking, automobile workshops, freight forwarders and such other related service agents
Renewal: License of the company has to be renewed on annual basis. Penalty would be charged by the authority if license is renewed after expiry date.

Starting from approximately AED 100,000/- (inclusive of license, registration, warehouse rent of approximate size 900 square meter) and renewal charges amounts to AED 75,000/ from next year onwards. However please note that the above mentioned charges can vary depending upon the number of licenses applied under one company and also depends upon the leasing/office facility acquired.

GBS provides you consultancy and helps you with company incorporation services at Dubai Auto Zone.

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